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Does this mean alot of work for the customer?  
Do we need to physically separate declared and undeclared goods in our warehouse?  
What is the procedure for goods that are to be re-exported to countries outside the EU?
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Damco first with solution adapted to meet the Swedish Customs newer and tougher requirements!

What advantages does Gränslöst Tullager® give you, the customer?

Using your existing warehouse, we use our customs authorization to add your commodity to the
bonded warehouse
The goods will remain undeclared in your warehouse
You are not required to pay duties and taxes with the incoming delivery - These are first paid when
the shipment leaves your warehouse
When the goods leave your warehouse, Damco registers them with the customs authorities. We then
have 11 days to hand in the completed customs clearance (TQN). This eliminates the risk for delayed deliveries
You never pay duties and VAT taxes in Sweden for goods that are re-exported out of EU (eg. Norway)
Your company's liquidity increases
"Tied-up" capital in your warehouse is reduced
Your cash flow is improved
We have permits to manage your inventory administratively. All you need to do is to seek a license for warehousing and have the credit condition of the Customs Service and that you have a warehouse management system.
We offer a complete solution with IT support tailor made and customised specifically for your company

What is TQN?
*TQN=”Complementary customs declaration for quality assured storage”

In a normal procedure, the goods are usually declared before leaving the bonded warehouse. With our TQN license, however, it is sufficient to register the goods with the first step of the clearance procedure. Damco is then allowed to submit the final declaration within 11 days. The possibility to only register the goods for declaration is a much simpler step than having to finalise the complete customs declaration procedure and this is where the TQN becomes advantageous for you, the customer. Reporting the goods for clearance takes Damco 10-30 minutes, while the complete customs declaration procedure takes 1-2 hours to carry out.

Discover the advantages! Why wait? Contact us today for a free estimate.

Do you want to know more about
duties/taxes, visit www.tullverket.se


Gränslöst Tullager® brochure (in Swedish)

Gränslöst Tullager® product sheet

Download Gränslöst Tullager® product sheet
Gränslöst Tullager® product sheet (in English)

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